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SKITTLES Large Candy Canes - 60 Count Jar

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Buy Skittles Candy Canes large rainbow candy canes in the 60 count display to save money and have plenty for decorating, eating or crafts.

Each jar includes 60-1 ounce candy canes with Grape, Lemon, Green Apple, Orange and Strawberry all in one candy cane! Skittles Candy Canes are gluten free and allergen free.

Sugar, Corn Syrup, Citric Acid, Malic Acid, Natural & Artificial Flavor, Color (Red 40, Yellow 5, Yellow 6, Blue 1).

This product is free of top common allergens and manufactured on dedicated equipment. 

 This product is made in the USA by Spangler Candy Company, Bryan, OH 43506.

This product is kosher certified.

This product is gluten-free.

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